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Here is a link for the latest version of the Presenters Manual. Most of the information is current, but due to the rapid changes in technology in the last couple of years and the current studio upgrades, some of the technical material may be out of date.  The manual serves as a useful resource for all presenters.

Presenters Manual (2015)


You are required to have current Occupation Health and Safety Training and have completed the Media Law Module from the Community Media Training Organisation [CMTO].

Here are links to:

CMTO Online Courses

including the two required courses

CMTO Media Law Online Course

CMTO Occupational Health and Safety Online Course

and lots of other useful information

Video Resources

OHS in the Studio

If any of the CMTO links do not work, please contact the CMTO.
They can let you know if there is a problem.



  • You can select individual events on the left of this page.
  • Please note that only BayFM members and presenters can apply for Media Accreditation.
  • To view all applications go to Media Accreditation


If you are planning an interview, we are reinstating the Trello Board.  This is where you are required to list your interviews so that we can manage the guests as they arrive and deal with any clashes or multiple bookings.

Here is a link to the page about USING TRELLO for INTERVIEWS.

You need to be “invited” by email to Trello for BayFM, so send an EMAIL through to to be added to the list.

If you used to be on Trello, and have forgotten your login, try to log in and reset password using your email address.  If that doesn’t work for you, email and we can delete and re-invite you.

You need to join Trello, which is free, and you can create your own boards once you have an account.